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  • VoIP Softswitch for NGN
  • Support Both PSTN and Internal Number
  • Support SIP and NAT Traversal
  • Include prepay/postpay/billing module
  • Support Adaptor, IP Phone, and PC2Phone

  • Complete IP PBX solution
  • All-In-One Phone System
  • Voice mail, Extension, Caller ID, Conference Call
  • Support SIP and NAT Traversal
  • Easy-to-use user interface, installation in a snap

  • >more

IP Phone
  • Support H323/SIP/MGCP
  • Support NAT/Firewall/DHCP/Static IP
  • Work with LAN/Cable Modem/XDSL
  • Setup OnNet/OffNet/PSTN Phone
  • Excellent Voice with G7.xx codec

Internet Cafe
  • Support SIP Protocol and NAT
  • Low bandwidth consumption(codec g729r63)
  • Centralized and remote management/administration
  • Realtime reporting of all phones and their status
  • Multiple payment methods

Global Termination
  • High quality voice termination
  • Low rates worldwide
  • Valuable programs for different customers
  • Online account managment system

Voice over IP
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Scaliability from individual to business
  • Offering your VoIP termination today
  • Online Account management system

  • Online store design, hosting, and support
  • Consulting services for online security
  • Enterprise web design/hosting
  • Large scale e-business database design

  • Company and personal Toll Free Number
  • International Call Forwarding
  • Competitive low rates
  • Online calling detail record

Phone Cards
  • Wide range calling cards
  • Competitive low rates and high quality
  • Customizing your private label phonecards
  • No need to switch your long distance carrier

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